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for Soerabaia people, House for Sale!

Tampak depan

Tampak depan

dear all,

mohon bantuannya untuk menjual rumah ini ya.. Continue reading ‘for Soerabaia people, House for Sale!’


How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 3rd

Allow them to be sad or mad

When your baby gets older, you can encourage her to label her feelings and express them verbally. Even before she can talk, you can show her pictures of faces and ask her which one is feeling the same way she is. Young children will pick up very quickly on “affect” words such as “happy” or “angry.” When they can put words to their emotions, they gain a whole new capacity to recognize and regulate their feelings.

However, Masia-Warner warns, you shouldn’t overreact to your child’s negative feelings. “It’s normal for kids to become oversensitive or clingy or nervous at times because of something in their environment, but it’s not unhappiness.”

You’ll find this is especially important as your child grows. When your child pouts in a corner during a birthday party, your natural reaction may be to push her to join in the fun. But it’s important to allow her to be unhappy. Hallowell is concerned that “some parents worry any time their children suffer a little rejection, they don’t get invited to the birthday party, or they cry because they didn’t get what they wanted.” Continue reading ‘How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 3rd’


How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 2nd

Make room for fun

Although a colorful crib mobile and her first taste of applesauce may bring a smile to your baby’s face, what makes your baby happiest is much simpler: you. And that’s the first key to creating a happy child says Hallowell. “Connect with your baby, play with her,” he advises. “If you’re having fun with your baby, she’s having fun. If you create what I call a ‘connected childhood,’ that is by far the best step to guarantee your child will be happy.”

Play creates joy, but play is also how your child will develop skills essential to future happiness. As she gets older, unstructured play will allow her to discover what she loves to do — build villages with blocks, make “potions” out of kitchen ingredients, paint elaborate watercolors — which can point her toward a career that will seem like a lifetime of play. Play doesn’t mean music class, organized sports, and other structured, “enriching” activities. Play is when children invent, create, and daydream.

Help them develop their talents

Hallowell’s prescription for creating lifelong happiness includes a surprising twist: Happy people are often those who have mastered a skill. For example, when your baby figures out how to get the spoon into his mouth or takes those first shaky steps by himself, he learns from his mistakes, he learns persistence and discipline, and then he experiences the joy of succeeding due to his own efforts.

He also reaps the reward of gaining recognition from others for his accomplishment. Most important, he discovers he has some control over his life: If he tries to do something, he can eventually do it. Research shows that this feeling of control through mastery is an important factor in determining adult happiness. Continue reading ‘How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 2nd’


How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 1st

Like any parent who wants the best for her children, Trish Bragg has done everything she can to make sure Isabel, Charlie, and Madeline are healthy, have plenty of stimulating activities to fill their day, and are loved unconditionally. Yet, like many, she struggles with parenting’s million-dollar question: Are my kids happy? “Among all my friends, that’s what we want to know,” Bragg says.

What makes children happy may surprise you. Child development experts who study the subject say that happiness isn’t something you can give a child like a prettily wrapped present. In fact, says Edward Hallowell, psychiatrist and author of The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, over-indulged children — whether showered with toys or shielded from emotional discomfort — are more likely to grow into teenagers who are bored, cynical, and joyless. “The best predictors of happiness are internal, not external,” says Hallowell, who stresses the importance of helping kids develop a set of inner tools they can rely on throughout life. Continue reading ‘How to raise a happy baby and child (birth to 12mo) – 1st’


on magz

ini dia.. edelweiss on magazine 😀




Food Allergy Guide

Food Allergy Guide (Dietary Intervention)
By. dr.Widodo Judarwanto SpA

1. Makanan Relatif Aman
– Buah-buahan : Apel, alpukat, pepaya, pear, bengkoang.
– Bubur bergizi Nestle Beras Merah, Tepung Beras Putih (Rose Brand)
– Susu Formula (kalo ini mah ga gitu masalah, selama kasi ASIX kan ga kasi sufor ke baby juga) :Pregestimil, pepti Junior, Panenteral, Susu soya (Isomil, Nutrisoya, Prosobee), Pediasure, Nutren Junior, Klim, Chilmil non Platinum, Ensure, Enercal, Margarine (Blue Band, Palmboom, dll), kentang, ubi.
– Biscuit : biscuit modern, Fantastic, Gerry, Baby Choice, Farly (Classic).
– Daging sapi, kambing, babi (non-muslim)
– Tahu, tofu (original)
– Sayur-sayuran : buncis, kacang panjang, bayam, wortel, kacang kedelai.
– Ikan air tawar (mujair, lele, belut, mas, patin)
– Agar2 tanpa warna. Continue reading ‘Food Allergy Guide’


Link video merah ASI menggunakan tangan

Link di bawah ini adalah link yang saya temukan setelah sibuk mencari-cari video bagaimana caranya memerah ASI dengan hanya menggunakan tangan, supaya lebih praktis. dan walaaa.. inilah hasilnya. semoga berguna ya..

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